The one thing you want for FFXIV in 2016

Game: Final Fantasy XIV
Time: 2015-12-21 13:10:22
Views: 1300

With the sky falling over relics and lack if content I'm trying to stay optimistic. Going into the new year I'm curious what others are looking forward to or are wishing for 2016. Finally getting API seems like a good start.Here we list some of FFXIV4GIL loyal customers' the most wanted things in ffxiv 2016.

Disig:A wardrobe system.

Pchpx2:A separate inventory for crafting mats.

Sarria22:Given that the majority of non gear items are crafting mats and we already have dedicated gear storage that would be a bit pointless. What would be better is moving all the assorted tokens to the currency window

rafaelfy:HARD content and less side shit bs that people abandon because SE poorly implemented it.
More Thordan and EX primals.
Less TTT and LoV without real match making.

maglen69 :Midcore content.Currently there is none.

Mizzet:More content is nice, but as long as PvE content is use-once and never replay by nature, you will always chew through content faster than developers can create it. You could be getting a new expansion every month and people would still say content isn't coming fast enough, these are impossible expectations to fulfill.
The only solution I've seen that works in the long term is pseudorandom level generation like you find in games like Diablo. I thought the Diadem would be close to that, but unfortunately it's hunts v2 in a static zone. I don't know why MMOs haven't jumped on that model when content is their chief problem, and it's a good way to reuse existing assets.
If you could enter some nightmare zone that was just segments of different existing dungeons pasted together like some kind of human-centipede, I'll be all over that. Bonus if it awards progress toward the relic, you'd get to grind something actually random.

Plsdontcreepme:Better yet how about giving major incentive to old irrelevant content like crystal tower and add a 24 man roulette. Let people be able to replay the story and level alt jobs with it on a single character. Lighten up on some of the one shot mechanics in coil and primals ex and make a ARR raid roulette, and let a premade group together for a weekly to challenge the original difficulty for a token that's for relevant high end gear. Fuck even alex normal mode is already irrelevant content unless you're a new player and even then its skippable, why not add additional weekly incentive. The devs are so incredibly stingy with how they want you to play and progress the game, diadem nerf was a example of that. What's worse is 3.x is looking to be the same exact content cycle as 2.x.
The development for this game sucks because they let so much content get outdated and when we ask for them to make it relevant they use excuses like there is already glamour there, but you have to wrestler RNG for it to drop then pray you win lot against your party. They do this and 90% of the time you can't even dye the gear so whats the point in farming it when no one else wants to and they inevitably rerelease the gear but as dyable later on.

regollyek:Midcore content.Game seems to focus way too much on purely casual elements or bleeding-edge raiding. I want to log on for a few hours and relax and feel like I'm progressing my character. All the casual stuff is fun, but makes me wonder why I'm playing an MMO, and hardcore raiding is the opposite of relaxing.

captainsoapy:a way to level alt classes efficiently/solo besides dungeon grinding and fates

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