The operation guide of FFXIV fatigue and surplus system

Game: Final Fantasy XIV
Time: 2015-05-23 11:40:39
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Final Fantasy 14 Fatigue and surplus System could be one of the most debatable features in this game. Today, you will find that the operation of fatigue and surplus.


The surplus system, which was designed to mainly stop players from leveling too quick without making the grind to level up to max level take such a long time. If you have not played FFXI, then you will know that basically when North Americans and Europeans at first rolled on the servers, leveling from 1 to 75 in about 50 days of break was considered very fast.

Just as players could consider, large amount of players who bought the game will never made it to 50 without the FFXIV power leveling or FFXIV Gil! Nowadays in FFXIV, the level upgrade is faster than before, since it is getting a group. Prevent to stop making the same mistake, the developers came up with the fatigue system.

Basically, once you reach a certain threshold of experience points earned, player get a message that says that “you are now in surplus” or something approximate this sentence, and players earn vitiated XP. There are 16 levels of surplus, and when players come to level 8, they stop to earning the points of experience.

As a matter of fact, the first 8 levels are hidden that you may not see then you do not experience a punishment for hitting these levels of surplus. As soon as players come to level 9, they will earn a small punishment that will increases until level 16, and at the point that players stop earning experience points altogether.