The quick learning tips for play FFXIV better

Game: Final Fantasy XIV
Time: 2014-12-11 03:12:30
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For Final Fantasy fans,it's not hard to introduction to operation at the beginning, its combat operation mode similar with th operation of WOW, so it's not strange to Chinese players.However, to play the game also need to quickly master a few small doohickey, following I will show you some tips:

Tip 1: Choose the came birthplace of career as your friends.

In Final Fantasy 14, there are as many as dozens of professional in the game, and one of the birthplace of combat career choice will affect your, if you want to free shuttle between downtown, you must be finished after 15 level quests, so I suggest you to choose the same career away from downtown if you want to play with friends early, the distribution is as follows:

All of sand: ur dhar, fencing, spell, bruiser
All of the sea: slim, Dan amith jj sa - axe division, occult sciences division
All of the forest: Gerry dani - spear division, illusionists, archer

Tip 2: Follow the task opened and go to the etheric crystal
In the first time after entering the game, players don't need to do complex operations, as long as you according to the mission of the NPC, you can basic it shortly. This is stage happy new rapid upgrade, you will be around the whole new village to carry out the task and understand familiar with the area, and get your professional guidance.

Tip 3: Active in reimbursing task
When you finish the task take your birthplace, after the completion of each new task about level 3. At this time, you will leave started to do the journey around the outskirts of the town, you can have a try to devoted to "reimbursing" task at this time, you can also obtain a lot of experience if you finish it with your friends.

Tip 4: follow the main plot charm
After arrived at level 5, you can continue to follow the mainline tasks, it can let you enjoy the large view of the world of Final Fantasy 14, at the same time, you can get some regional and be able to unlock the principle task by follow the main line, you can also obtain a lot of experience or gold.

Before the next 15 of the course of the game, we recommend that you don't need to buy weapons and armor before level 15, at the same time, no matter what you do, you need to make sure you are running the mainline tasks, ensure that have been unlocked to fly empty boat tasks, so that you can move back and forth after 15 level in other cities.Enjoy your game!