The Reason for Why your ffxiv gil order got delayed

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Why your ffxiv gil order got delayed
In most situations, no order will be delayed, almost all orders get delivered within minutes. But there are the following 4 reasons, result your order get delayed.

1.You are running a dungeon when we login game. After you go through your dungeon, please contact us via our live chat.
2.You are not online when we login game. In this case, we will email to you or send you a message to your phone number. Please contact us via our live chat when you are available.
3.We need to confirm your information, since you are a first-time buyer or your order amount is big. In this situation, we should have emailed to you or sent you a message to your phone number. Please contact us via our live chat to confirm your information.
4.We don’t have ffxiv gil in stock on your realms. In the case, we will email you or SMS you to tell you we are out of stock, but usually we can deliver your order within 30mins to 2 hours. That wont take long.

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