The Secret Final Encounter of Omega Savage in Final Fantasy XIV

Game: Final Fantasy XIV
Time: 2017-07-20 05:59:35
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Yesterday, Omega attack brutal difficulty in the final fantasy XIV decline. For the uninitiated, this is basically the first "formal" model of the regular Omega wing - which is 1% of the attackers' collective encounters that require a lot of communication and skills to complete.


With the passage of time, more and more people may use the gradual equipment to solve these problems, but now the vast majority of players will not see them. This includes this particular new battle, which is unique to Savage. If you do not want any spoilers, whether you are static or under normal circumstances, do not continue to read.



Like a core of the ultimate fantasy boss, Exdeath turned into Neo Exdeath mid-fight with one of the coolest transitions I saw in the game. It helps Exdeath to be one of the most memorable last encounters in the history of the series because he is one of several enemies (such as Kefka) that will not give way to "the real ultimate boss" - he becomes it.


At the moment I am working with my i320 Paladin, although I have no special static. However, this fight made me reconsider joining another. So it will cost a lot time and FFXIV Gil, if you don’t have so much time on your game, you can buy a safe FFXIV Power Leveling on FFXIV4GIL, which provide cheap Final Fantasy XIV Gil for sale as well.