The sincere advice for ffxiv players

Game: Final Fantasy XIV
Time: 2015-09-20 13:35:20
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We are in no way an expert, nor are we trying to sound like one, but we would really like to give some advice here based on what we've learn since we've been playing. Anyone is welcome to chime in some advice or put in their opinion.



- If you are new to MMOs, I highly suggest starting out as a DPS. It allows you to get a handle on the game's mechanics without the stress of a healer or tank job. It's more easy going, and people are more forgiving with DPS.

- Watch your emnity (the bar/numbers next to each party members' name). If you are with a new tank who has a hard time holding aggro, this is recommended. A good and experienced tank won't require you to worry bout this, or everyone focusing on one target.

- Do not knock mobs back or put them to sleep unless you are told to! It is highly annoying from a tank's perspective, and I think its pretty rude. It can do more damage than good as well. Bards are the exception, since they knock themselves back rather than the mobs. So, just because you have the skill, doesn't mean you need to use it all the time.

- All DPS should have Limit Break on their hotbar. Limit break is in your Actions & Traits menu. In my experience, melee DPS are normally the ones who LB. I know many people have different times they use the LB, but I normally LB at 5% with one bar and 13% with 2 bars. That way the last few percents are over quickly, rather than use it when the boss's health is at 50% and then it feels like forever til the boss is dead. I also like to save LBs for last bosses in dungeons so we will have a for sure LB 2.

- I do not recommend healing for anyone who has never played an MMO before. It is a lot of responsibility, and people (especially experienced players) are less forgiving when it comes to a healer not doing well.

- You need to be fast! I can not stress this enough. Not every group goes well. Things can go down hill very fast which will require you to dish out heals rapidly. If you aren't quick, chances are you'll cause the party to wipe. Now, don't get me wrong. Not every wipe is your fault, even if your party is trying to pin it on you. A tank may pull way more than you or they can handle, which will most likely cause a wipe. That is okay! It is important that you find your limits and what you're comfortable with, because you matter too.

- Please remember to buff people and refresh buffs when needed, especially after rezzing someone. Even stone skin. It helps so much. Reapply Stone skin in between pulls. It may wear off when people are hit, but it really does help.

- Swift cast is a must! Seriously, it is essential on a healer. Why would you risk your party dying completely while slowly rezzing one person when you can make that cast time instant. It saves lives and time. If you don't know how to get swift cast, you get it from leveling a thaumaturge to level 26.

- Only DPS when you are able. You are a healer. Keeping people alive is your top priority. I cannot tell you how many times I've been in a group where a healer starts to DPS and then gets everyone killed repeatedly because they weren't watching peoples' health.

- Manage your mana. Do not use spells that will drain your MP unless it is absolutely necessary. The more mana you have, the more you can use to DPS or rez people without the possibility of not being able to to keep people alive, but remember that your party members need to stay alive.

- Remember the healing order, please. Tanks are top priority, then yourself, then the dps. If a dps dies, they can easily be rezzed. If you or the tank dies, it can be a huge disaster.

- Don't put regens on people before they pull. It will cause the mobs to come after you, and it is an unnecessary hassle to run all over the place to get control of the mobs.

- I REALLY do not recommend tanking is you are new to MMOs. I've experienced tanking in other MMOs and no matter what, I still find it stressfull. If anyone is going to yell at someone in the party for not doing well, its the tank. Your job is to keep all the mobs attacking you and off the rest of the group. If mobs are all over the place, it can be quite a miserable experience.

- Do not pull more than you or the healer can handle. It's okay to experiment to see where your and your healer's limits are, but once you find your limits, remember it. Do not constantly pull more than what your group can handle, for it'll result in you constantly wiping and maybe getting kicked or yelled at.

What everyone needs to remember
- READ YOUR SKILLS. Your skills have descriptions for a reason. Read what they do and what your passives do and use them in a way that you think is best. If you don't know what you are doing, I suggest looking at a guide that tells you good rotations and explains your role/job in more detail than what's here.

- If you make a mistake.... recognize it, accept it and learn from it. Don't keep making the same mistake over and over. And you need to realize you are not perfect, no one is. If you're a tank and agro is constantly everywhere, you need to improve. If you aren't successfully fulfilling your role in the group, you're not doing a good job.

- Keep your gear updated. This is very important for everyone. You need to be the best you can be, and updated gear helps with that.

- DO YOUR CLASS QUESTS. They are so so so important. You can get much needed skills, and you get your soul crystal at level 30 which turns your class into its job which helps so much. As you know you get them from the guild of the class you're playing, and you do them every 5 levels (every 2 after level 50).

- Know what stats your class uses and get gear based on that. For instance, an archer/bard uses dexterity, so you would get gear with dex and you would put your attribute points into dex as well. Of course its not as common to see people not use what they should in higher levels due to job specific gear, but I still think its important.

-Remember its not just about you. If you're in a group, you are not individuals anymore. You need to work as a team or its not going to work. Being an arse to people or not pulling your weight is very bad. As a person who experiences it on a regular basis, it really makes you not want to keep playing, because you feel like you're the only one trying. Please remember we are all human beings, and we all should respect each other. Instead of getting mad at someone and throwing them under the bus, give them advice of how to improve in a positive way, don't knock them down. If you knock them down, how are they supposed to get better? If they don't take your advice, then its their own fault.

- Listen to your party. If you're doing something wrong and people are trying to tell you how you can do it better or the 'proper' way, don't ignore them. Listen to what they're telling you, acknowledge that you have received their advice, and apply it if necessary. Don't just ignore people who are trying to help you. Chances are, they know what they're doing and they want you to be the best you can be.

- If you are not the tank, do. not. pull. It is not your job to be pulling things unless you are given permission. I have come across so many people who think its okay to pull things, and then it causes more of a hassle for the tank to get agro of everything.

- If you pull aggro of something and the tank is trying to get it off of you, DON'T RUN AWAY. The tank is trying to help you. If anything, run it TO the tank.

- If you are DPSing and the tank numbers a kill order of mobs, follow the order. I mean, come on people, we know how to count. Chances are the tank doesn't feel comfortable with their tanking so they prefer people to focus one mob at a time. Theres nothing wrong with that.

- BE PATIENT. You need to realize not every run is going to be fast. You shouldn't force someone to go faster if they're not comfortable with it. Don't go into a dungeon if you don't have time for a run that could last longer than you want. If you want quick runs so badly, get a premade group of people who want that too. Don't get mad at tanks and healers if they can't handle it.

- Just because you're a high level doesn't mean you know more than someone or that you're doing your job the right way. I have seen many many many level 50+ people who don't seem like they know what they're doing.

- If you have never played a certain class or role, you have no right to tell someone how to play it. If you have not played that class EVER, you don't know how they work, you don't know the good and the bad about them, therefore your words are worthless.

- DODGE AOES! Its seriously important that you learn to dodge aoes. It helps your healer a lot. Not every healer can heal through a bunch of aoes. Remember, every healer has their limits, and A healer's cast time only goes so fast.

- I always recommend watching videos before going into a dungeon/trial/raid that you haven't done before. You don't have to, but it helps to let yourself aware of what to expect. If you choose not to watch a video, at least have the courtesy to tell you group you're new.