The tricks for you to play FFXIV Tank Paladin better

Game: Final Fantasy XIV
Time: 2014-05-14 03:24:45
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We all know that Tank and Healer do not have to wait much long to join in an dungeon. A lot of players try to play Tank and Healer as their secondary classes. But do you really know how Tank work? Paladin would be a great choice for you to tank. As to how. Let us show you.

There are five things you need to keep in mind


1.Keep the Provoke closed. open with Shield Lob. Shield Lob is a long distance skill which would pull the mob towards you as well as increase the enmity. Then Circle of Scorn to get your aggro on all the pulls. Then Flash twice at the beginning of the pull. Then use Rage of Halone and Savage Blade on the first target. Then swith to the next target to see if other players are over doing the enmity. Flash again. First target with ROH combination and the third one to check. If you are lazy, you can always use the ROH combination to attack in a team. The only thing you have to do is to engage the enmity. attention to the enmity bar.You have to make sure that the A is on on you and aggro on other players are not too high. If you lose the aggro, use Provoke and Shield Lob to pull them back. This always work fine for me.

3.sign your target.Before you pull. you should mark the target to make sure that all the team are targeting the same mob. This would avoid the mobs chasing the healer or the DPS. It would be a chaos. If you do not know the battle, ask others to mark it for you. This would help the Healer to sleep other monsters as well. This would make the fight pretty easy.


4.This is a super skill for Paladin. You can pull back the aggro through this skill. Generally you would not use it at all. But it is the longest skill the Paladin ever have. For example, the two Tonberrys right at the door of the second Boss. You can use Provoke to pull them up the stairs without the threat of the stalker.

5.Shield Oath and Sword Oath.Shield oath would increase your armor and enmity which help you Tank. Sword oath would increase your damage as a DPS. It is pity that you can only have one of them on.