There are some improvements in FFXIV which are better than FFXI

Game: Final Fantasy XIV
Time: 2013-10-27 02:27:10
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As in the Changjiang River the waves behind drive on those ahead, so each new generation excels the last one. Therefore ,no wonder that ffxiv is better than ffxi in some small details.

FFXIV is very similar to FFXI, but they have added a ton of new features to make it even better. Some of the main are the transport, the Group easy to find, ffxiv power leveling quick to use and the best of all for a consolidation play. Followers are mainly Final Fantasy XIV classes you can choose between 4 different disciples. the war, magic, the Earth and the hand.

And they opened more than players who want to play alone. It is a huge asset for many players out there that does not cost very much on games that require partying with people.

With the magic of course allows you to throw a ton of different in the spells of the game, many remember FFXI and other Final Fantasy games in the past. Weaving, cooking, leatherworking, Alchemy, and more racing.Are about the same as FFXI. The world is called races Eorzea and you many to choose.

There are a few different races which makes it really, really unique. You can be the Hyur, Elezen´╝îLalafell or Roegadyn . The main method that you are going to play the game, at least at the beginning, is to make quests in one of three main cities. Then, you will learn how to play and start to gain levels. Enjoy yourself!