Three FFXIV Melee Jobs DPS Comparison

Game: Final Fantasy XIV
Time: 2017-01-16 08:37:44
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Speaking of the melee jobs, which do you think is the melee one? Here melee jobs dps (Monk, Ninja, Dragoon) is compared, to see the difference to decide. Of course, you get your own choice.




DPS Comparison among three jobs (MNK, NIN, DRG)


Positional requirements Maximum Minimal Moderate
Off-GCDs Moderate Minimal but then mudras Moderate
Mobility Good Good Good until you get locked into aoe
Skill approach: rotational vs priority Priority Rotation-priority mix Rotational
Animation lock problems None  A few Annoying 
Utility Poor Poor damage, enmity manipulation Party crit
Juggling difficulty Medium (easy come, easy go) Mild Much
Benefits from one's cross-classables Some Useless Essentia (mandatory, damage buff)
Ease of soloing Decent R.I.P. squishlord Good


Game players have their sayings for their chosen jobs.


"As a caster main, I have the least issues with Dragoon. Keeping up Blood of the Dragon isn't too difficult, and if all else fails just say screw overall dps and abuse Geirskogul (mostly in the 'shit he's going to jump just use it' mentality). Also Battle Litany and your ranged will love you."


"I find MNK is super fun with having to hit positionals and forbidden chakra feeling like it hits like a truck, but it has poor raid utility. DRG can be fun, but I find BotD too strict and I simply do not like the 3.x rotation compared to the 2.x rotation."


"Ninja is the most flexible and useful. It only has a positional on its 3rd step of the chain, which means PUG tanks can't fuck you over by spinning mobs around unlike monk. More importantly, no fight breaks will ever make you lose Houton because it lasts 70 seconds and is renewed by a 3rd chain skill."


So what do you think of? Will you choose MNK, NIN or DRG? Let us know. For more information, you can find on our website, where is the best place to buy ffxiv gil. If you were lucky, you would get some discounts.