Three measures you should notice their effects in ffxiv

Game: Final Fantasy XIV
Time: 2013-10-31 02:19:35
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A lot of things can effect your play in final fantasy xiv,for example , durability, progress ,and quality.And you will notice them in the screen .Don’t worry,I’ll tell you their effects.

You will notice a few measures at the bottom of the synthesis screen:The effect of durability is simple: your progress attempt will fail when durability reaches zero.

Also, the lower durability gets, the more unstable your synthesis will become. Don’t consider ffxiv power leveling here.There is no way to recover durability through a successful synthesis attempt once it is lost. Higher quality ingredients will slightly increase starting durability.


You get a score for your leve based on your quality; your “score” for the leve is the sum of the quality score of each item, divided by the number of items required.So quality influences your score on local leves.

What’s more ,the effect of quality is a little more complex. The higher your quality score, the higher chance you will make a high-quality item. Generally about 300 quality gives you a good chance to +1 an item, but an even higher score helps you earn a +2 or +3 item.

I can take an example for you ,if the quest requires 4 items, and you get materials for 6 attempts, and every synth comes out to 100 quality, your leve score will be 150 .