Tips on the Best Way to Get to Floor 100 in FFXIV Heaven on High

Game: Final Fantasy XIV
Time: 2018-07-24 09:11:40
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Heaven-on-High is an ever-changing dungeon whose architecture is under no circumstances pretty the identical every time players enter the tower. All players will begin at level 61, and only by fighting the enemies inside will they be able to achieve the strength and practical experience needed to explore its heights. If you want to follow some guides on how to get to floor 100 in FFXIV Heaven on High, you have come to the right place. Meanwhile, you can buy some cheap Final fantasy xiv gil on our website if you need. 
FFXIV Heaven on High Guide
Ensure you're at 99/99
This might seem like an apparent tip but several underestimate how beneficial it really is to have the whole team at the ideal attainable state, stat-wise. Inside the deep dungeon where all it takes is a single error to wipe the group, you will want as considerably area for errors as possible so you'll a minimum of possessing an opportunity to crawl out of a poor circumstance.
Usually fight in secure areas
Make the mobs come to you. It's simple to acquire lost within the moment in your rotations. Perhaps you like to move around when doing your combos and its one foot on a luring trap and abruptly you're not fighting 1 Griffin, you're fighting 4. Or maybe accidentally step on a landmine and you blow oneself up and also you take your tank, who's at much less than 80% HP with you and all of a sudden you are the tank. That's why it is vital that the tanks pull the mobs into safe places to fight. 
Memorize the positions of one's panic pomanders
This could possibly be a little bit less difficult if you're on Pc but it's not possible for PS4 players. As a Computer player, just make space in your screen for the data window and have it up all the time. That way, you will have straightforward access to all your pomanders if factors start off to go south. For PS4 players, just make it a habit to open your character information promptly and remember the directions to each pomander.
Stick close to the walls
The reason to keep close for the walls is that the probabilities of traps being generated there are actually significantly reduced. And I don't mean stick close towards the walls as, in lingering-somewhat-close-to-the-wall kind of close, I mean to rub your character's shoulders against the wall kind of close. For those who do that everytime you move, you will under no circumstances step on a trap ever once more.
Be aware of your surroundings
It is straightforward to believe that adding a single mob for the equation is not going to make a distinction. But you have got to recall that the mobs within the larger floor can two shot or perhaps one particular shot any player that is not a tank. When the person who aggro-ed it was a healer and they get taken out from the equation earlier, it could conveniently be a wipe for the team.
Be stingy together with your pomanders
Pomanders usually are not just a minor convenience to have. Very good management of your pomanders will be important to Floor one hundred. The earlier floors are fundamentally just preparing you for the later floors. Make use of the earlier floors to fill your inventory. Ideally, you will desire to have 3 of every pomander and three Magicites by Floor 60 but that does not mean you ought to commence applying them then. Do not use pomanders on a whim simply because any time you definitely want them, you could not have them.
Don't use your Magicites unless you've got to
This ought to be a no-brainer. Precisely the same concept as pomanders. Do not use them unless you have to. They are the ultimate oh-shit buttons you are able to press. And we're talking final resort. 
Enter with an efficient group composition
Specific jobs are basically better in deep dungeons than other people. An ideal group composition would have no classes that involve pets to ensure that rules out Summoners and Scholars. This really is because pets are capable of aggroing mobs and for the reason that they tend to lag a little bit behind, they have got an opportunity of pulling mobs that turn within the last second. Also, the pomander of concealment doesn't function on pets. So even though you're invisible, you could nevertheless aggro mobs merely because your pet is following you.
Pace yourself
That is specifically critical in the greater floors due to the fact mobs take longer to kill and occasionally you shed track of time. It's going to become pretty tough to clear out all of the mobs on each floor and open every chest with no the risk of running out of time.
Communicate together with your team
The easy act of telling your team when you are about to open a chest can save you lots of time. If, for example, that chest ended up becoming a mimic, every person are going to be ready for it. The worst thing you can do in the higher levels should be to stray away in the group to open a chest.
Following the above tips, I believe that you will succeed.