Tips to get tons of ffxiv gil fast

Game: Final Fantasy XIV
Time: 2016-06-14 10:44:37
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The thing that keep us fighting and completing one quest after another is not only the leveling up, but also the attracting rewards, especially ffxiv gil. We need it everywhere, that's why every player cares about how to get gil fast in game. Today, we are going to give you some simple guides.

We would like to divide the whole guides into two parts. In the first part, we would like to tell you how to save gil. In the second part, we are going to tell you how to farm gils faster.

How to save gil
No matter how many ffxiv gil we can make, if we use it without plan or waste it all the time, we can not have much gil left in our pocket. So, we have to know, how to save gil first.

Teleporting charges is one of our main spending in game. We need to pay gil so we can return or go to certain places fast. Even through you can choose to run through the maps and get to the destination, so you can save the teleport charging, it kills the fun of playing this game. So, we do not suggest it. There is several things you can do. It is to do all the quests available in this area at one time and then go back to the place you have to, or you have to run back for several times which costs you much more gil . Secondly, know the maps well. Many players rely on the hint in game a lot. When there is a mark of green check on the map, they know where to submit the quest and get rewards, but they pay little attention to the name of the place. Knowing the places well, you can find the fastest way to go back, which saves you gil as well.

We all want better gears, but it is not a great ideas to buy gears from NPCs all the time. As you can get nice loots in the quests afterwards, you don't have to waste money on items and gears you do not need much. Just spend more time exploring dungeons and raids, or be more patient with the following quests, you can have what you want at last. Lastly, save the materials you use on crafting can also save you gil.

How to farm gils fast
Of course, you can never be rich if you just now how to save gil, you have to know how to get gil fast.Besides doing main quest, you can also spend some time on crafting. Choosing a proper job can bring you rich feedbacks. We strongly suggest Alchemist as your crafted items can be sold easily at high price in the market. Of course, knowing how to craft HQ items and take the best use of all kinds of crafting skills is also of critical importance.

Secondly, Guildleves is a great choice. As they are recyclable and their rewards are rich, you can accumulate a number of gil as long as you would like to spend sometime on it every day. Since Guildleves are always available in the area of where you have main quests to do, it won't cost you much time. For detailed guides about how to farm ffxiv gil fast in Guildlevels, you are welcome to check our guides shared before which are listed below.

More methods to get tons of gil fast in FFXIV will be shared in the near future. You are welcome to share your ideas and suggestions with us as well.