Tips to practice Final Fantasy XIV production occupation

Game: Final Fantasy XIV
Time: 2014-11-27 11:44:00
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Carved wood as a first priority, in the absence of a large number of 50 generic skills support, carpenter regarded as a class of relatively good pass, you can collect a lot of raw materials through the wild brush gardening without suffering skin.

Then the tailor, the reason is because you first choice is the way in horticulture gardening plus collection of carved wood, a large collection of linen can tailor just need to add flax lint can easily reach 50. Tailoring late woolen cloth, fabric prices in some servers are quite high, and when to make a star behind the product, and also widely used to woolen cloth. Military tickets can be appropriately used in more than 40 class according to their processing capacity.

For alchemists and tanning, tanning is more important is the 15's frugal, of course, also related to the acquisition of professional tanning considerable part of the equipment. Early carved gold practicing fast little significance, in the early eight major professional inside, it is more important to provide the production of power equipment so that you can quickly accumulate spar for 50 to prepare.