Top 10 FINAL FANTASY XIV Tips for Comments

Game: Final Fantasy XIV
Time: 2019-07-06 17:35:53
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We thought it would be a great idea to list 10 top tips for FINAL FANTASY XIV. So if you are brand new to the franchise.


Top 10 FINAL FANTASY XIV Tips for Comments


- Key things to unlock early on, and how to unlock them: *Guild Heists *Challenge Log *Golden Saucer *Palace of the Dead

- Get the Challenge Log. Free EXP for stuff you do anyway (dungeons, FATEs, etc.)

- Limit Breaks. Go read up on these. They can be added to your hotbar from the general actions menu. If you're a melee DPS, you'll generally be expected to be the one to use the LB on a boss. If you're a ranged or caster DPS, you'll be using them if your party has no melee.

- Armour stuff

- Might be worth mentioning the Aesthetician, too. You can change your hair style and facial features for ffxiv gil

- Watch the enemy's castbar! Unlike other games the spells are not even closely tied to their animation

- If you are playing a casting class - learn to stutterstep/castclip. At a specific point during a cast, you can start moving and it will not cancel. Practising this at a low level is invaluable imo. Read your tooltips. When you get a new skill, a new buff, or a new skill that gives a new buff, read the tooltips. Read ALL of the tooltips. The tooltips will essentially tell you how to play your class. I never again want to hear of a MNK who only does flank OR rear combos...

- If you are friendly, most of the time the community will be friendly back. I've been doing hard dungeons and extreme bosses and generally when I let everyone know I'm new to that particular duty, they are willing to guide me on some of the intricacies of whatever I'm doing. I've done each dungeon available to me once so far, and only had one bad experience. And even that pales in comparison to other games. Don't be afraid to ask for help!

- How to get to the Waking Sands ASAP: Port to Limsa Lominsa > use aetheryte to go to Arcanist's Guild > take the ferry to Vesper Bay

- Have fun!