Tricks to play well the FFXIV patch 2.3

Game: Final Fantasy XIV
Time: 2014-08-06 11:51:03
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The new content of FF14 Patch 2.3 has been released for a while, most of players can’t wait to play it with friends. As we all know, in this new patch, FFXIV development has added 3 new dungeons. Today, we are glad to introduce the FFXIV dungeon Hullbreaker Isle in patch 2.3 which requires a light part of 4 players and average item level of 70 or higher to enter.



It is a very unique and highly effective way to earn ffxiv gil by setting up your private stores and peddle your items in FFXIV. You can acquired crated goods, farmed greens and blues and all the other rare items and then trade for buy cheap FFXIV Gil. The best way to use your Private Store though is to specialize in one type of item that you can put all your efforts into Crafting on. Then, Select a good place to set up your shop, outside of instances or in various towns and villages and stake out a good time to log on. If can offer the items many adventurers desire for when they need them, you will definitely make a good deal of ffxiv gil from the trading business.

The Auction house is a good place to make your fortune. You can not only make sales on your items but also have a great opportunity to make extra ff14 gil there. Properly use Auction House to buy in cheap and valuable items and resell them for top profits when they are in higher demand, you will easily earn a large ton of ff14 gil in a very fast way.