Use your imagination and image the changes of ffxiv in the future

Game: Final Fantasy XIV
Time: 2013-10-28 09:56:57
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Science fiction movie is one kind of movices that I like watching.That is something about people’s predict to future.Can you predict the future of yourself? What about the future of ffxiv?

When many of us began to play FFXIV last year, or played through alpha and beta, we got to experience an incomplete game. Many of us stopped playing, understanding that the game was not enjoyable in the state that it was in, and that maybe some time in the future we’ll come back to enjoy the game when it’s ready.


I like to think that the course FFXIV was on had diverged. Tomorrow, we will get to experience the culmination of Yoshi-P’s efforts leading up to this point. We will glimpse at the future of FFXIV with Yoshida at the helm. In many ways, tomorrow’s patch will set the tone that we will come to expect in future patches. Tomorrow’s patch will either impress us or disappoint us.

If we are impressed, we will be excited to play the game, to know the ffxiv power leveling rather than get excited for the patch or for promises. If we are impressed and the content provided through dungeons, settlements, and new quest lines are something most of us enjoy, then I believe that will bring refreshing new life to FFXIV.

I’m excited to experience this new FFXIV with each of you, and I understand that this patch isn’t the save-all patch. This patch is the start of something, and tomorrow we will glimpse at what that something may be.