We Summarize The Content Of The Update: Final Fantasy XIV Patch 4.1

Game: Final Fantasy XIV
Time: 2017-10-02 20:46:19
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In the upcoming Final Fantasy XIV Patch 4.1, the Return to Ivalice 24 man raid will be implemented, bringing some Final Fantasy XII and Tactics flavor into XIV. As we know, this patch will feature a huge 24-person (casual) raid themed around Final Fantasy Tactics, job alterations, more story content, sidequests, another EX primal fight, a new dungeon and housing district. 

Final Fantasy XIV patch 4.1 will include a new 24-man alliance raid titled Return to Ivalice. What's more, we also see what is described as the Return to Ivalice landscape, identified as Rabanastre. Today, we summarize the content of the update, if you are eager to know more, welcome to read more at FFXIV4Gil


New Beast Tribe Quests: The Kojin

New Instanced Dungeon – The Drowned City of Skalla

New Main Scenario and Side Quests – The fan favorite Hildibrand quest series also returns.

New 24-Player Alliance Raid – Titled Return to Ivalice, featuring guest creator Yasumi Matsuno

PvP Content: Rival Wings – Ride goblin mechs and fight your opponents in 24 v 24 matches

New Primal Battle – Shinryu makes a triumphant comeback in a new extreme difficulty challenge

Adventurer Squadron Updates – Players and squadron members may now team up and explore dungeons together

Housing Update – Sale of plots in Shirogane will begin, along with the addition of swimming areas in all housing districts

New Ultimate Difficulty Raid – The Unending Coil of Bahamut (Ultimate) brings a new challenge to the most hardcore thrill seekers

The Lost Canals of Uznair Update – Venture even deeper into the submerged chambers for greater rewards and challenges


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