Weaver crafting for the experienced players

Game: Final Fantasy XIV
Time: 2013-11-13 03:58:11
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A great number of the guides we have mentioned in the preceding articles, now it goes to the guide of FFXIV weaver crafting. So if you want to be a outstanding crafter, it is good news for you.


In the very beginning , you’d better know what classes should be weavers.White Mage, Black Mage, Arcanists, that is to say Scholar and Summoner would best suit getting Weaving. They’re generally useful to all players, since you can craft various tradecraft armor and fieldcraft armor. Again, every crafting class relies on other crafting classes for components, so it’s never truly useless to train Weaving.


It’s useful as unexciting as this skill is. Keep in mind, a skill being useful isn’t the same as it being powerful. This skill pretty much invalidates basic synthesis for the final step. More details on the Careful Synthesis II entry below. Getting to level 15 on weaving for this is worth it, just to ensure your crafting never goes wrong with bad luck.




You will be at 10 durability remaining, and one synthesis away from a full progress bar. You will fail exactly one in ten of these attempts due to most synthesis skills being at 90 percent success rate. Careful Synthesis II removes this 10 percent failure rate from ever happening to you again. This skill also conveniently replaces Basic Synthesis, it’s better on all levels.


When it comes to the brand of lightning, what I want to say is that like any brand skill, this is almost always better than any generic synthesis skill. As a cross-class skill, this of course depends on the element of the item you’re crafting. Use it if you the item you’re crafting is earth lightning.