What are the Coolest Things About FFXIV: Endwalker?

Game: Final Fantasy XIV
Time: 2021-12-09 14:14:10
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There are numerous additions in Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker, including new jobs, areas, a new playable race, and more, along with a wealth of new story content. So, what are the coolest things?

Today, we're sharing the coolest things you need to know about Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker.


What are the Coolest Things About FFXIV: Endwalker?

New Story

One of the best things about previous expansions to Final Fantasy XIV is the news story that has come with them, adding to the already weighty lore of the world. The new story alone is comparable to what you could get with a full-price RPG, which the expansions are known for.

Closure To First Grand Saga

The Endwalker expansion brings to a close an ambitious story that started a decade ago. Endwalker represents the climax of Hydaelyn and Zodiark, a massive story that spans kingdoms, realms beyond time and space, and, of course, the moon.

New Areas

The new locations are a welcome addition to the world of Final Fantasy XIV, each bringing its own unique flavor.

1). Radz-at-Han — Thavnair

New areas will be added to the game. One of the new towns that will feature is Radz-at-Han. It is based on the subtropical island of Thavnair, an area that has been referenced in the game for years in terms of clothing and items but has never been visited before.

2). Old Sharlayan

The new hub city of Old Sharlayan is an enticing and bustling place, and, deep below, the subterranean world of Labyrinthos brings the kind of classical, ancient beauty that the name suggests.

3). Garlemarld

Garlemald is exactly as imposing and terrifying as its status as the imperial capital would suggest.

4). Mare Lamentorum

Mare Lamentorum may be desolate as expected of an area of the moon but is still an intriguing world that adds to the story.

5). Thavnair

Thavnair is another beautiful location, an important island nation hidden behind Sharlayan.

6). Labryrinthos

Another location to be unveiled at the Digital Fan Festival was Labryrinthos, an artificial training ground.

New Playable Race

The Viera race would be getting male characters with the release of Endwalker. Male Viera is forbidden by code from interacting with the outside world under threat of exile in their commitment to protecting the woods from outsiders. The new playable species may not be revolutionary, but it is an interesting and, most importantly, fun addition to the game.

New Jobs

The Endwalker expansion adds two new roles to the mix, and both are enjoyable to play.

1). Sage

Sage is a fun new healer role that's more aggressive than previous healers, allowing the player to heal another party member while dealing damage.

2). Reaper

Reaper is the new option for a melee DPS type and is a good option for players who like managing resources and have interesting combos for dealing damage.

New Threats

The Endwalker expansion brings two new major threats.

1). Anima

Anima is the spooky, otherworldly, chain-wielding monster threat that presents players with challenging and predictable boss fights. The Anima resembles other terrifying, alien-like monsters who make up some of the most powerful bosses in Final Fantasy.

2). Magus Sisters

There is a more memorable new threat in the form of the Magus Sisters. They are a trio of gods who provide another potentially difficult challenge for players. Each of the gods is a powerful foe in its own right, and beating them is one of the expansion highlights.

Battle System

The changes to the battle system include a new ground targeting system that may be more intuitive, especially for newer players. However, players can still toggle between the two targeting systems to whichever they prefer.

A UI change also means that a teammate reviving another member is now clearly marked, a big help to anyone who has experienced the pain of accidentally reviving a member who was already being revived.

Well-Made Expansion

Endwalker is very well made and brings small but major changes that will help keep the game alive such as a higher level cap for dedicated players and a new data center in Oceania that will help more players enjoy a more convenient Final Fantasy XIV experience.

Brings An Influx Of Returning Players

As one of the most anticipated and largest expansions to the game so far, Endwalker has inevitably brought a huge amount of players back to the game and may draw in a large number of new players as well with the hype surrounding it.

Each FFXIV Expansion Keeps Getting Better

It seemed like nothing could top Shadowbringers for size and content, but Square Enix has done just that in the form of Endwalker. While this expansion is in one sense the end of an era, as the end of the grand saga that began ten years ago, it still feels like there is a lot more to come from the game.

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