What are you want to say to other FFXIV Players

Game: Final Fantasy XIV
Time: 2016-01-25 13:33:22
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One of the most important reasons that drives us to continue fighting one boss after another is the teamwork. No matter how high your HP is, how great your ffxiv gears are, you need team members to work together with you and fight side by side. Good team members can make things much smoother and easier, but some unfriendly members will just waste your time and make you mad.

Today, we are going to talk about something about our teammates. They are from different places of this world, and they are of different characteristics as well. So, what do you want to say to them?

To some players, you may want to say thank you. We may have encountered this kind of teammates before. They are familiar with the situations of the raids, and they can offer useful suggestions to you friendly. When you make mistakes and make their efforts in vain, they do not blame you and instead, they would always say “it is ok, lets do it again”. They make the whole raid farming thing so warm.

To some players, you may want to say, please stop judging. Everyone players has their specific role in game. Some are responsible for having the target’s attention, some are responsible for output high damages to kill the enemies, and some others are for healing the others. No matter what role you are playing, you are important to the whole team. But there are always someone who would like to judge the others and blame the others for the failures. They are not offering useful and friendly suggestions, but just annoying the others and make the whole thing awful. To this kind of player, we just want to say, shut up.

To some players, you may want to say, please be more patient. There is also this kind of players. They do not talk much in the party. They just do what they should do, and play their role. But when they see somebody is making mistakes, or when there is someone who is not good at playing his role, they just abandon the whole team. It may not so much annoying when the raid just begins, but it is really annoying when you hardly finished the first half content. When you are in a team, you should be responsible to your team mates, and please to more patient.

So, as for you, my dear friend, what do you want to say to the other FFXIV players? Please leave us comments below to discuss about this topic.