What can you do with the cheap FFXIV Gil

Game: Final Fantasy XIV
Time: 2016-06-06 13:33:17
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Each of the players are puzzled over the matter that how should we make gil in a more convenient way, thus to help our players to solve the puzzle, we come up with some views from the experienced players which may effective in your playing.

Well, whether the ways of s questing and selling items to other players via the auction houseor the retainer are the only ones? Hence, there are some views on ffxiv gil tips you are probably interested in. One of the members showed that my whole time during phase 3 the only thing that I actually bought was food and this was at the cap of 35.

Would you imagine as the cap here in p4 is 20 and the only thing I was buying was food. I would imagine as time goes on and people level up their crafting they will be making a more steady income. You can't expect to make a lot of gil when just starting out, unless you find the hidden money tree myth.

Another one said that I keep seeing on crafting guides that you should level all crafts if you want to be successful. Does the same apply to gathering? I want to do Blacksmithing, Armorer, and Goldsmithing, so it seems mining would be the best gathering class to level.

To reply this, the member named Bartel said there are the random exceptions, like a crow feather here or a cotton thread there, but it's mostly all from mining. That's the path I'm taking as well with those 3 to start. I do agree that it is ideal to level ALL crafts eventually, as there will always be some gear that requires an oddball craft like weaver or carpenter to meld onto.