What Class Should You Pick in Final Fantasy XIV Online?

Game: Final Fantasy XIV
Time: 2021-08-19 15:17:21
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What Class Should You Pick in Final Fantasy XIV Online?


We've published guides on how to make mounts, Final Fantasy XIV Gil, MGP, etc., but here's a look at some of the best classes in Final Fantasy XIV Online.

While classes aren't a permanent decision in Final Fantasy XIV Online: you can switch classes as quickly as it takes you to switch weapons, some classes are more suitable for beginning players than others as some will lead to better jobs than others.

Here are some recommendations on what class you should pick in Final Fantasy XIV Online:


The Arcanist is a Disciple of Magic that grants you a pet companion, turning you into a ranged, magical DPS class, but you'll also get a basic healing spell and a pet familiar. Unlike other base classes, the Arcanist can upgrade to two different jobs: the Summoner (if you want to specialize as a ranged magical DPS) or the Scholar (if healing and providing shields is more your thing). This is great news because it means both Jobs will be automatically open to you to choose from and can be leveled simultaneously, despite which one you choose.


The Conjurer is another Disciple of Magic class that you can pick with a more focused healing role. The job you can select to become after reaching level 30 will be White Mage, one of the better starting healers. White Mage comes with singular and party-wide healing, damage buffs, as well as strong offensive skills that are just as vital to clearing duties as they are to keeping your party alive. If you're interested in healing but aren't looking for high pressure, White Mage is one of the best ways to choose when you're initially starting in Final Fantasy XIV Online.


The Gladiator is a Disciple of War class that is a tank role. The Gladiator has you become the Paladin job, one of the easier tank jobs you can start within the game. The class is quite flexible and offers a beginner-friendly utility in the form of damage dealing skills, plenty of mitigation and protection abilities, allowing you to protect and heal yourself as well as your fellow party members in the heat of battle. On top of that, Gladiators enjoy higher defense in place for lower HP.


If you're interested in fast-paced combat with high movability, the primary class I'd recommend taking up is Lancer (Dragoon).  It's a Disciple of War melee class that serves as a DPS role. Lancers specialize in wielding polearms and attacking with vicious speed. As they soon evolve into the flashier Dragoon Job, Lancers position themselves as one of the best melee DPS. Lancers can pick off single targets much easier. Moreover, the attack combinations a Dragoon has to use utilize. They're a beneficial team member that at higher levels can boost other party members' attacks using a tether and provide a critical hit rate increase buff. While the combinations are challenging to master, the Dragoon can be a solid starting job to learn the more difficult ropes of Final Fantasy XIV Online.


If you enjoy a brute force approach, you'll want to go with the marauder class, and it is another Disciple of War melee class that serves as a tank but does far more damage than a traditional tank would expect to do.  Marauder specializes in strength and wielding heavy axes to wipe out hordes of enemies with barely a scratch on them. They enter battle in heavy armor, which makes them tanky like the gladiator class. This comes in handy since many of their attacks focus enemy counterattacks on them. Marauders can also access the warrior job, which allows them to be a defensive or aggressive tank, depending on your playstyle.

Who would you choose? Will it be the Conjurer? Or are you going for the Paladin job? Please tell us your choice!