What is a wow player opinion on Final Fantasy XIV

Game: Final Fantasy XIV
Time: 2013-09-11 10:35:34
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We are sure there are a lot of ffxiv players have played world of warcraft or are playing wow now. How does a wow player think of ffxiv game playing? We collect some opinions from game forums. When you need to buy Final Fantasy XIV Gil, please don’t forget our webstore.
The system works thusly: You pick a class, which determines your starting armor and your starting in-hand equipment. Whatever you have equipped in your hands determines what class you are at any given moment. So as long as you have a sword in your hand, you're a gladiator. Swap that for a two-handed axe, and you become a marauder. Use a wand for a while and you're a thaumaturge, and so forth. As you level with a given weapon, you unlock skills at a fairly steady interval, and the vast majority of skills can be used by any class.

Gathering skills each give you a small passive buff, and crafting skills allow you a variety of bonuses that are specific to the crafter. Final Fantasy XIV takes that a step further, with crafting and gathering both taking up their own classes altogether. You don't just have, say, a warrior who also knows alchemy -- there's a separate class for alchemist, complete with specialized tools and equipment.
For many players, the easiest way to conceive of it is that you have multiple talent trees. As you level each class, you unlock more talents for use, but you only get so many points per level. That forces you to juggle some degree of efficiency as you level -- do you focus on a single class and have more strength with that class with a narrower focus, or do you level several classes to be a jack-of-all-trades?
Also worth noting is that you do have a physical level, which affects your base attributes such as strength and intelligence. This level is increased with experience points from killing enemies, completing quests, and performing pretty much any activity that will get you skill points. It's straightforward and unchanging, like your level in WoW, with the small caveat that your stat points have to be manually assigned when you level up. If you find it’s difficult for you to level up your account, you can make a FFXIV Power leveling order on our website. You can use this discount coupon code on our website : ff14 . Thank you for your great support!