What is the fancination in Final Fantasy XIV

Game: Final Fantasy XIV
Time: 2013-12-17 11:00:14
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"Final Fantasy XIV” is the 2010 follow-up to Square Enix's first massively muliplayer online role-playing game. FFXI though the majority of the series is single player, these two games are exclusively mulitiplater, in FFXIV , u can customize your characters by selecting a discipline , or class , and allocate your attributes as you see fit. One of these attributes ,Piety ,is a source of confusion for new players. What exactly does piety do ?


Offensive Spell Accuracy

Enemy targets in "Final Fantasy IV" have a chance to resist offensive spells that come their way, completely preventing the damage or special effects from taking hold. In a sense, "resist" is the magic equivalent of the "miss" attack failure that physical characters are familiar with. Adding more Piety through point allocation or item bonuses increases your Magic Accuracy statistic, reducing the chance of spell failure.

Defensive Spell Avoidance

When fighting magic-based enemies, you might find yourself taking too much spell damage. Fortunately, your character is capable of occasionally resisting incoming enemy spells. Just like an enemy might be able to resist magic, if you get lucky, you can completely avoid taking the incoming damage or negative status effect. Stacking Piety helps increase the odds of resisting spells.



The discipline Alchemist, the potion-making crafting skill available for enterprising players, offers two tools for crafting wares: alembics and mortars. Alembics are used for the majority of liquid medicines and other potions, while mortars are used for crushing solids. Each tool has a chance of creating items of higher quality than expected; you can actually increase that chance for your mortar-based recipes with the Piety attribute. In a similar fashion, the Culinarian discipline gains a bonus to high-quality item creation with any recipe that uses its culinary knives.



For players looking to make a quiet living gathering raw materials to sell for profit, look no further than the Disciples of the Land. One of the disciplines in this category is the Fisher. Proudly wielding the fishing rod, Fishers gather fish to sell to Culinarians and other crafters, or to supply friends with free food. Your success rate while fishing is improved by both the Dexterity and Piety attributes.