What Is Worth Playing in Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood

Game: Final Fantasy XIV
Time: 2017-06-02 14:01:46
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Stormblood will be launched in new few days, and there are so many trailers for Stormblood before to attract FFXIV players, and we can learn a lot information from the trailers, there are a lot new jobs in new update, so many players do not know which ones to play, which just fun. After I have compared the characteristics of these jobs, I will give my advice in this article.


In terms of 8-man content, it wouldn’t surprise me if we saw groups taking two melee, with Dragoon being a must-keep. Depending on how hard Ninja falls as a result of losing some of its unique utility, DRG / MNK or DRG / SAM could reign as the melee pairing of choice. Now Foe Requiem is essentially gone, groups can take either Bard or Machinist along with a caster and not feel like they’re losing out on anything; I suspect Bard will be preferred, but it really depends on how MCH plays out. The same is true of Summoner and Black Mage. It’s all up in the air right now, but both seem like equally good choices, with Summoner just about edging ahead thanks to Aetherpact and Devotion.


We’ve not seen enough to know if Paladin and Dark Knight as a main tank-off tank combo will be viable, but I suspect groups will still be desperate to take Warriors. Healers are also in flux; it’s doubtful the changes to Astrologian will make them any less desirable, and Confession, while a cool mechanic, means that White Mage DPS relies on RNG in a way that I don’t think groups will appreciate. I’d still really want Scholar as my off-healer, as they’ve gained so many tools that make them hugely viable while also freeing their hands up to do damage on the side. Therefore I’d say that Astrologian, Warrior and Scholar are some of the safest bets if you’re still figuring out what you want to play.


I’d guess that most if not all DPS jobs will be viable, and, now Bard and Machinist don’t have cast times, we’ll see many more of them like we did in A Realm Reborn. Indeed, the only jobs that look a little suspect right now are White Mage and Ninja; people who play both classes seem fairly unhappy, but that might all change when the expansion comes out. The reality is that we don’t know how things will pan out until people start playing jobs and experimenting with them — so if you love playing Ninja or White Mage and stay informed about how you compare to other classes, but stick to what you like in case we’re all wrong, as it wouldn’t be the first time the community has lost its head over something that wasn’t that bad in the end.


But you must pay your attention to it, If which Job is particularly appealing to you, and you have not reached level 60 yet, I would highly recommend you waiting until Stormblood launches to level it up in new version. Because you can get EXP for characters under 60 will be boosted in line with which currently is for jobs at level 1-49. Then you will benefit from healers and tanks, new Samurai and Red Mages running around, which were already good and fantastic.

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