What to do when you just hit level 60

Game: Final Fantasy XIV
Time: 2015-07-04 05:56:04
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Finish your Job Quests + Main Story Quest
This goes without saying, keep doing your story quests until you’re done. Make sure you’ve also completed through your level 60 job quest as the skills you get from 50-60 are almost always vital to your job. Once the end credits roll you’re ready to begin the endgame grind.



Unlock the Expert Roulette (i160)
Get to i145

Both of the Expert Roulette dungeons require item level 145 to get into. If you hit 60 and you’re still not 145, here’s a few ways to close the gap:

i170 items can be purchased from Hismena in north Idyllshire with Tomestones of Law. If you have the High Level, Low Level, and Trial duty roulettes unlocked, completion of all three will net you roughly 300-350 tomestones.
i150 left side pieces (including a weapon) can be purchased from Repository Node (9, 11) in Azys Lla
i148 drops from The Great Gubal Library
i145 rewards from quests in Idyllshire
i145 can be bought from the Goblin Trader directly south of the Aetheryte in Idyllshire

Unlock flying in The Sea of Clouds
you’ll need this to be able to fly to Neverreap. It’s also highly recommended to unlock flying in every zone for hunts later.

Dungeon: Neverreap (drops i160 + Tomestones of Law)
Dungeon: The Fractal Continuum (drops i160 + Tomestones of Law)

Tomestones of Law (i170)
Tomestones of law are the current low tier currency, Tomestones of Esoterics will be available with the release of Alexander.

How to acquire
Dungeons on the Expert Roulette will drop 80 law for a complete run plus an extra 40 law if someone in the party hasn’t completed the dungeon before.

In addition, the following dailies are available:

80 law - Duty Roulette: Expert (plus 80 law for bosses, plus possible 40 law first time bonus)
100 law - Duty Roulette: High Level
100 law - Duty Roulette: Low Level
60 law - Duty Roulette: Trials

You can also acquire a small amount of Law from hunting A/S rank mobs as follows:
10 law - 2.0 zones A marks
30 law - 2.0 zones S marks
10 law - 3.0 zones A marks
30 law - 3.0 zones S marks

Where to purchase gear
Gear can all be purchased from Hismena in north Idyllshire.
Law tomestones cost:
570 law - Weapon (for paladin, 400 sword, 170 shield)
285 law - Helm, Gloves, Boots
475 law - Chest, Pants
215 law - Belt, Accessories
3450 law is required for the full set.

Centurio Seals (i180)
Centurio seals are the rewards from hunts and they can be used to upgrade your i170 gear to i180. Currently, there are two ways to obtain Centurio Seals -- daily/weekly Clan Hunts and organized A/S rank hunts.

Upgrading your i170 gear
Buy upgrade materials with Centurio seals at Ardolain, Foundation (13,11); it's in the tavern near Forgotten Knights. Then, bring these materials with your ilvl 170 gear to Seika, Idyllshire (6,7) to upgrade.

Centurio seals cost:
395 centurio - Doman Whetstone (for weapon*)
300 centurio - Doman Urushi (for armor)
150 centurio - Raw Doman (for accessories**)
2645 centurio required for full set upgrading

*For paladins, sword and shield upgrades together; Sword + Shield + Doman Whetstone
**Belt is now considered as accessory; buy Raw Doman instead of Doman Urushi

Unlock flying for all zones
Hunting is a pain in the ass if you don’t have flying in the zone that you’re trying to hunt in. Much higher chance the mob gets pulled before you get there and it’s just a lot slower overall.

A/S Rank Hunts
Assuming you get full participation, each hunt drops the following number of marks:
15 centurio - 2.0 zones A marks
35 centurio - 2.0 zones S marks
40 centurio - 3.0 zones A marks
100 centurio - 3.0 zones S marks

You probably won’t get full participation unless you’re in a party of 8. When you enter a hunt zone, just spam “inv” or “invite” in chat until you get a group invite (usually doesn’t take long).

Hunting Linkshells (note: these are only for Brynhildr)
A & S Rank Hunters (Leader: Oerba Fang)
Spirit Hunters X (Leader: Traxis Anemoi, Officers: Cerys Mathrawyn, Fayt Leingod, Elstan Barlow, Angel Wilzuun, Teppei Kiyoshi)
Waltz Hunts (Leader: Azure Rose, Officers:Layla Lulu, Pooki Vondrago, Loden Macarel, Rinden Thedark, Maxim Regis)

If you join one of these Linkshells, don’t be the person to pull the hunt mob otherwise there’s a decent chance they will kick you.

Clan Hunts
You can access the following recurring Clan Mark Bills in Foundation near Cloud Nine:
3 centurio/mark (5 marks, 15 daily) - One-star Clan Mark Bills (daily)
4 centurio/mark (5 marks, 20 daily) - Two-star Clan Mark Bills (daily)
15 centurio/mark (5 marks, 75 daily) - Three-star Clan Mark Bills (daily)
100 centurio (1 mark, 100 weekly) - Elite Clan Mark Bill (weekly)
If you complete all of your marks, it ends up totalling 870 seals/week.