What will be going to the first place in the ffxiv gil farming

Game: Final Fantasy XIV
Time: 2013-12-10 13:50:09
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Although we are always busy on finding out the most functional method of ffxiv gil farming, which possesses the crucial seems a little puzzled. Thus we will discuss on the issue, which is aiming to give you fans more helps in the Final Fantasy XIV.


I'd like to add that if you're in an famicom you might be able to skip Wanderer's palace all together. My famicom has had a couple groups running fresh 50s through AK till they're geared and experienced enough to pub it. What this usually means is 1 geared DPS and 1 geared tank rushing a fresh DPS and a fresh healer or 1 geared healer and 1 geared DPS rushing a fresh tank and DPS. This is something we were doing to get everyone prepared for Primals and has worked very well for us. Since now we have almost all of the 50s in our FC ready for graduate.





It's mostly for fresh 50s - depending on how progressed you are and how lucky you are, you can often sidestep parts of it. When I hit 50 as Bard, for instance, I already had a Garuda bow and damn near a full set of Toxotes from running Amdapor Keep about 6 billion times.


Basically for a second class it turns into kind of a 'checklist' - do I have a better weapon? If no, buy your weapon. Do I have a bunch of spare gear from greed rolls or enough spare tomestones lying around to kickstart my gear? If yes, you can skip Wanderer's Palace entirely, really.