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Game: Final Fantasy XIV
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We have ever mentioned much more details of classes of some net games, but it seems less relate to the ffxiv. Under the condition, we found out something about the ffxiv classes.


You might have skimmed through and master the description of the massive game. Final Fantasy XIV is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game, or MMORPG. Like many in the genre, it requires a subscription to play the game, which is done via the Square Enix Account Management System. Players first create and customise a character, being able to select from various pre-selected options including race, gender, facial features, and job type.


You are most likely to assume different roles through use of the Armoury and Job system, thus, The Armoury System allows players to instantly change their class by swapping their equipped weapon or tool.




As the Disciples of War, five classes are involved in it, they are Archer, Lancer , Pugilist ,Gladiator and Maraude. Among this, Archer’s weapon are Bow and arrow. Bows allow Archer's attack from afar, while Bard adds the use songs to boost their party's fighting capabilities and break the will of their enemies.Lancer ’s weapon Lances and Spears. Long weapons help Lances to deal damage from a distance, Dragoon add a specialization in jumping abilities.


While,Pugilist’s are Metal claws and knuckles. With their bodies that double as deadly weapons, Monks pound their enemies into submission with their fists and fanciful footwork. Gladiator’s weapon are Swords. Gladiators engage in close-range combat, while Paladins also specialize in shields and defence. Besides,Maraude’s are Two-handed axes. Specializing in the arts of battle, Warriors and Marauders are masters of all aspects of melee combat and are able to divert an enemy's attention away from weaker party members.


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