What's the Advantages to Crafting in FFXIV

Game: Final Fantasy XIV
Time: 2015-09-23 06:01:28
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I remember back at launch crafting was kinda pointless. There wasn't much incentive to get everything to 50 and they said they weren't going to allow any weapons/armor recipes to be better than what you could find in a dungeon.So what do most people do crafting for right now? What advantage does each profession provide now? I always enjoyed the games crafting but quickly felt like it was pointless when I kept hearing out of little use it was at launch.After work harder and harder, we finally get the answers to the above questions.



Advantages to crafting:
1).Making money. It's still one of the fastest ways to get money, especially when you know what sells and what doesn't.
2).Making HQ gear. By crafting your own gear, you're not dependent on finding dungeon drops for the best gear. For example, while leveling my DRG from 35 to 45, I crafted all of his gear. By crafting HQ gear, the gear he had was on par with what he could get from dungeons, so he was always in the best gear possible. In addition, that gear spiritbonded quick, so I could switch it out when I wanted for new gear and convert the old to materia. At 45, he used the AF gear he could get, but the rest was crafted until 50.
3).Making housing items. Crafting is the only way to get most of the housing items in the game. It's either craft it yourself or pay large amounts to get it off the board.
4).Repair your own gear. Now that all of my crafters are at 50, I don't visit repair NPCs anymore. I just have a stack of 99 grade 5 dark matter at all times and repair at will. It's a gil savings when you repair your own gear, plus there's no risk of gear breaking in an instance as long as you have dark matter available.
5).Making food/potions. Most raids use food & potions, you can either make your own or make then to sell for big gil. This figures to be profitable going into expansion since everyone will still use food & potions. (If you look at most food, the markup is pretty crazy considering how cheap some of the materials can be. Potions tend to be a little more reasonable.)

I'm sure there's more than this, but that's some of the biggest reasons right there.