What's your feeling about the FFXIV Heavensward Gameplay

Game: Final Fantasy XIV
Time: 2015-06-28 14:08:52
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It is no use to say that l was not so thrilled at the prospect of using early access doing old content when other players was playing in the amazing new zones of Final Fantasy XIV. Most of the content updates may required about 24 hours of gameplay to come through. No matter you play the old content or the new areas, you had better to buy cheap FFXIV Gil online to well play the game. FFXIV4GIL now offers FFXIV Gil for sale to the gamers in all servers.



Some players said that they didn’t skip through the cut scenes and just read the dialogue. Since they didn’t want to rush it, or even not be able to release something that is close to how long it is going to take for players to go through these quest lines.

Once at the star of the game, I have meeting a scaring task names “stuck” but I really do not want to play it and I find that it is really not good for me.

Finally the player completed the last quest in patch 2.55 of Final Fantasy XIV when they closed the servers down on someday to do the maintenance as head start came to an end and the official launch began. So the player did spend the entirety of head start doing the old content but he had a lot more fun than he thought.

You may know that there are large amount of gamers who are not satisfied with the prospect of going through the 2.1 to 2.55 story. There are really a large amount of players in that group that they believe that if they are 50 then they can jump right into Heavensward.

Many players liked the end of 2.55 of FFXIV and it builds a nice cliffhanger on what was to come in Heavensward. Also the trailer will make sense for me when I have no idea on the reason of the dragons were everywhere. Well, whatever you like or not like the updates of Final Fantasy XIV, it could be a wise choice to buy FFXIV Gil for sale on ffxiv4gil.com.