Where can offer lucrative chance for FFXIV soloing

Game: Final Fantasy XIV
Time: 2013-12-23 03:58:23
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In “Final Fantasy XIV,” Square-Enix's massively-multiplayer online role-playing game,gamers traverse the realm of Eorzea, creating custom characters, battling enormous monsters and journeying alone or in parties made up of players from around the world. As players defeat enemies, they gain rank in the form of “levels.”Leveling up alone in an efficient, focused manner is known as “soloing.” Though gamers can solo almost anywhere, some enemies and areas offer more lucrative opportunities than others.


The forest region of Gridania, ripe with Moogles and magic, offers plentiful solo leveling opportunities for beginning players under level 25. Very early players might find solo success targeting mobs, star marmots and funguars in Camp Bentbranch while those at middle levels can target the tougher thistletail marmots at Camp Emerald Moss. Just under level 15, the beetles and moles at the caves of Emerald Moss offer healthy experience points. Past level 15, Camp Tranquil's fairy funguars and fullgourd funguars do the trick, while its roselets later help gamers break the 20 barrier.

Limsa Lominsa
Like Gridania, Limsa Lominsa, an aquatic-themed nation, caters to solo players between the levels of one and 25. Around level five, Camp Bearded Rock's mobs help players progress through the early levels, as do the plentiful sheep near the camp's lighthouse, which also drop numerous useful items. At around levels 15 to 20, the dodos of Camp Skull Valley and moles of Camp Bloodshore help soloers quickly level up.

Later in the game, the ravaged land of Ul'dah offers opportunities for solo players between the levels of 25 and 50. Before level 15, Camp Black Brush offers solo-friendly mobs while the caves of Camp Drybone host bogies and moles. After level 15, Drybone's dodos, bee swarms and challenging puks help players progress. Just north of Ul'dah, the puk camp of the Nanawa Mines helps gamers reach level 30.

Warning Tips for u :
In an effort to keep the game balanced for all players, “Final Fantasy XIV” limits players to eight hours of leveling per week. However, the limit is eight hours of leveling per job class, so gamers can continue to solo by switching job classes. Taking advantage of leves – quests available at the glowing blue counter of the Adventurer's Guild – helps players advance through the levels, as does harvesting and creating items. After level 20, working with a party generally serves as a more efficient way to gain levels than soloing.