Which Tank Classes are the Best in Final Fantasy XIV?

Game: Final Fantasy XIV
Time: 2021-10-28 01:45:21
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Which Tank Classes are the Best in Final Fantasy XIV?


Four different tank classes are available in Final Fantasy XIV, such as Paladin, Gunbreaker, Dark Knight, and Warrior, and choosing the right one won't be easy. Our guide list down the current best tank job class available in the game to help you decide which of the vitally important jobs is right for you!


The Gunbreaker is the newest tank job available in Final Fantasy XIV right now, and it's also the best one you can get.

It's capable of absorbing damage because of its defensive abilities. It can also provide support and protection with its healing abilities and barriers. Best of all, The Gunbreaker is also capable of dealing with damage.

The Gunbreaker class can be enriching for those who can master its DPS during raids. Because of the massive amount of DPS the Gunbreaker brings with it, it has the most defensive cooldowns, as well as the highest actions you can perform per minute.

What Gunbreaker excels in:

    • High DPS-like damage for a tank
    • Has the most defensive cooldowns
    • Very active tanking
    • Healing spell for a quick pick up

Tank Usefulness Score: 82/100


The Warrior fits the definition of 'Tank,' especially in terms of looks. It's the easiest of all tank classes to master and master, but it's this ease that holds it back a bit as well. While this is a solid choice at the start of the game, it can quickly become outdated as you level up and move on to endgame content.

With Warrior, you get all that as well as self-healing and excellent damage output. But the big problem with Warrior is its overall rotation and the tiny amount of dashing it can do. The class overall can struggle to compete with the other tanks later on in the game. But, put in the right hands, Warrior is an efficient tank that can deal excessive damage while taking minor hits to its own HP.

What Warrior excels in:

    • Self-healing
    • Excellent damage output
    • Effective in absorbing damage

Tank Usefulness Score: 85/100

Dark Knights

Dark Knight is known for its versatile role as a Tank and having excellent barriers to help keep it alive.

It has offensive abilities that allow it to deal good damage to enemies. But most of the damage it dishes out is passive, so don't expect the skill to melt the enemy health bar. Since most damages are dealt with passively, it's good at dealing sustained damage. This tank also has some defensive abilities that can protect allies. Instead of Cover, the Dark Knight has The Blackest Night. It's a protective barrier that you can cast on any ally and can last for 7 seconds.

The only issue with the Dark Knight is that it consumes a lot of mana. This means that you need good timing whenever you use your abilities, or you might quickly deplete your mana.

What Dark Knight excels in:

    • Mobility allows players to avoid damage
    • Great for tanking large groups
    • Deals a fair amount of damage
    • It has the coolest aesthetic of the tanks and amazing animations

Tank Usefulness Rating: 92/100


It's a classic class, unlocked at level 1, and is the best choice for just pure tanking play.

Paladin becomes a desirable tank for any team with various defense buffs, actions to deal damage over time, and excellent mitigation. Paladin becomes a hot tank for any team. Paladin also has a useful healing spell for sticky situations, and its invulnerability skill is considered the best of the tanking classes.

However, the issue with the Paladin is that its damage seems a bit underwhelming. It can deal good damage but under the right circumstances. This makes this job a bit dull to play if you're a solo player. But if you're part of a team and need a tank, this is a good choice.

What Paladin excels in:

    • Being a tank in the purest sense
    • Easy, fun, and simple
    • Taking damage with its massive defense buffs
    • The excellent damage mitigation control

Tank Usefulness Rating: 95/100

Make sure to try these best tank classes in Final Fantasy XIV out! A few rounds of playing these characters is enough to identify which of these good tanks are ideal for your kind of gameplay or not. Also, stay tuned to our news page to get more FFXIV guides, tips, and discounts on FFXIV Gil.