Why it’s so important to collect crystals in Final Fantasy XIV

Game: Final Fantasy XIV
Time: 2013-08-09 03:10:07
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By following this guide, your Final Fantasy XIV Gil farming efficiency can be increased to 3 times faster than you used to do in the first three months. The longer you stick to this guide, the more efficient you will be on farming.
After I try to rank up some class to 50, I found out that most expensive and must-have for rank up is crystals and shard. You’ll need lotssss of them. eg. for rank up ARM you’ll need load of Earth Shards ( I didn’t count it but I think I used around 40,000-50,000 earth shards just for rank up from 35->50 ) If you buy it from market ward, it will cost you around 10M gil!!! ( 200 each )
But when you bot Fishing, you’ll found out that your inventory will fill-out with fishes! I recommend to create another character to do fishing bot only so you can have fish in it inventory without anything else. My trick is try not to sell any fish to NPC! You might need it in the future! But if you have too many 1 type of fish ( like Ala Minga Fighting Fish ) you can just sell some to NPC to clear space.

Another trick is, when you got high level fish, you’ll got lot of crystals from it. But how to make shard? You don’t have to go back to lower grade and try to fish up some low-level fish to change to shard. The easiest + fastest way is to use “Fine Sand”. Also, you don’t have to craft it yourself! You can just walk to Alchemist Guild in Ul’dah and buy it from shop for just around 350 gil ( it will cost you just around 35,000 gil a stack ).
With this Fine Sand, you can break any crystal to shard and get a lot of it ( 1 crystal -> 16 shard ) With full stack of fine sand, you’ll have 1,584 shards in just few min ( using Hasty Hand ) With 6 Stack of fine sand and 600 crystals, you’ll get around 9,600 shards in few hours! Also, you can buy FFXIV Powerleveling on our website, we can get enough crystals for you in a short time. You just pay only 210,000 gil for the shard that worth almost 2m gil!