Will Final Fantasy XV Available for PC Platform

Game: Final Fantasy XIV
Time: 2016-07-25 00:43:24
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Final Fantasy XV let fans wait too long, in part because SE agency decided to use this as a custom internal engine "Luminous", this new engine concept was born in 2011.



In accordance with the designers say, Final Fantasy XV scene in real time for each frame will have 5 million polygons, each character model has 100000 polygons and 600 bones, each image of the hair using a 20,000 polygons.

Art director Isamu Kamikokuryo game world in an IGN interview, revealed many details of the technology, "In the past, we have devised a detailed concept art model, the production team can be used and reused to build in the game in the Final Fantasy XV species, level of photographic realism than we expected when we started to create game environments, it is not a kind of natural sense, we further identified those areas and make the necessary adjustments and optimization. "

Isamu also stressed that the production team has been interested in the world to create an open game, and yet suffer from technical limitations. "But now made significant progress. One example is that players have been able to open world gameplay formula.

Production team for a long period of time in trying to overcome this challenge, until now, there are still many obstacles can not be overcome. For example, in the real world, when you move towards the distant mountains, it will become increasingly close to you, you can even climb, which is very normal in our real world, but because of technical limitations, it is difficult to copy the game world. "

He said: "to create a game like this is my dream, and now I will achieve my dream I have nothing to regret.."

Final Fantasy XV will be held September 30 landing PS4 and Xbox One platform, SE agency is considering the introduction of the PC version.