YES/NO Tips to Play FFXIV:Heavensward Better

Game: Final Fantasy XIV
Time: 2015-05-27 05:49:23
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Following our YES/NO post we would like to give some helpful Tips to new and old players that we have learned while playing these past a few years.


Tip 1 . Do not use steam if you cant commit.
Tip 2 .Do not steal from your new FCs bank.
Tip 3 .Attack the mob that is marked in your dungeon 1 means attack this one first 2 means 2nd and so on.

Tip 4 .Dungeon queues are long but you do not need to sit there doing nothing. You can craft/gather or do fates while waiting on queues (unless you are 50) I would advise you pick up gathering to do while waiting on queues since it is easy to finish so you have time to change classes and hit commence. Also good money maker.
Tip 5 .if you are not a tank please do not pull the mob. If your tank is taking a long time to pull please ask nicely that he pulls.
Tip 6 .HP right away after dying if there are no other players in sight.

Tip 7 .Want to get to level 10 quick but do not want to go through the hassle it takes to get there? Have a friend kill high level mobs after you claim them you can get from 1-10 in around 10-20min. (Swiftperch Area)
Tip 8 .Want to get quick sol? If you are a tank or healer queue into Shiva Hard mode and chances are you will get a new person if it is not bright (nexus light) that is 90 sol in 5 minutes)
Tip 9 .Want to make some gil but do not want to spend gil to make gil? Farm fleece and you can make around 20k a stack if you are lucky around 100k an hour (Sales my vary)

Tip 10 .Want a ilevel110 piece of gear? buy or farm the mats and get or pay someone to make it for you. You will save a lot of gil that way.
Tip 11 .Always tell people you are new so they can talk to you and tell you how it is done.
Tip 12 .Level every class to 15 this way you will know what you like and what you do not like as well as having them 15 for job quests.

Tip 13 .Always do your class and job quests and unlock your job crystal at 30. you get 2 abilities from class quests at level 15 and 30.
Tip 14 .Wear the right accessories not just for you but for the rest of the group.