Yoshi-P Responds about Final Fantasy XIV

Game: Final Fantasy XIV
Time: 2013-08-22 10:30:01
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The two most feared numbers to strike Eorzea in recent days were 90000 and 3102. Fans flocked to social media to express their brow-furrowing displeasure after being disconnected from Final Fantasy XIV,of which FFXIV Gil is the main game currency .
Due to the intense anticipation for the game, tens of thousands of posts concerning the matter slammed the beta forum. Nerves have been a little ragged among some in the community as FFXIVfans fretted over whether they would run into the same problems in Early Access and at game's launch.
As stated by Yoshida-san, the issues that were caused on the game's back-end have been solved:

"Regarding the Error 90000 Issue
We apologize for the delay in getting all of you an update on the Error 90000 issue.
We have made adjustments to the database server on the backend and the issue has been addressed.
For those who were unable to participate in the Beta Test due to this issue, we deeply apologize for the inconvenience. We ask for your continued support in Early Access and the official launch of the service.
Regarding the Error 3102 Issue
Again, we would like to apologize for our delay with the update on Error 3201 issue.
The issue has been resolved after the maintenance that was performed during the Beta Test and we have confirmed that the issue has been fully addressed.
We have corrected the character data for all the characters that were affected by this error, and you'll be able to participate in both Early Access and the official service without any problem.