You can change your job freely in the ffxiv

Game: Final Fantasy XIV
Time: 2013-10-15 01:28:14
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Computer games are welcomed by many people from all over the world.As a part of our life,it plays an important part in our life.Do you know that you can pick your love jobs in ffxiv.

In Final Fantasy XIV, players will have an opportunity to switch into different jobs after mastering their main class. Unlike other MMOs that lock you into one particular “job” or “advanced class”, Final Fantasy XIV will be flexible enough to meet your needs. Or you can seek help from ffxiv power leveling first. you can be anything you want.

Here is the list of jobs that you can choose and some information about them. The Paladin comes from the lines of the Gladiator class. The Monk comes from the lines of the Pugilist class.

Players who will pick to become a Paladin will have to protect people in a group, which pretty much makes them a tank. As with all tanks in every MMO, it is the Paladin’s job to get the aggro as it mitigates the damage they receive. The most important stat of the Paladin is Vitality, To switch from the Gladiator class to a Paladin, you must have the following levels for a particular class:- Gladiator ,- Conjurer .

Those who prefer to focus on brute strength and want to deal a high amount of damage output, Monk is one of the DPS jobs that you can pick. Being a Monk, players will be using the power of wind and/or the elements to deal a massive amount of damage to enemies. To switch from the Pugilist class to a Monk, you must have the following levels for a particular class:- Pugilist ,- Lancer .