FFXIV Shadowbringers: Beginners Guide for Gunbreaker

Game: Final Fantasy XIV
Time: 2019-06-01 17:17:52
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Square Enix is set to launch the third expansion for its MMORPG Final Fantasy XIV, subtitled Shadowbringers, launches for PC and PlayStation 4 on July 2, 2019, with an early access period starting on June 28 for those who pre-order. Gunbreaker is an upcoming job in the Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers expansion. This guide introduces basic information about Gunbreaker job, as well as tackling many common questions new players may have. 



Role: Tank

Armour: Plate armour

Starting Level: 60 (subject to change)

Starting Location: Gridania (subject to change)


How to unlock?


It is expected that you will need to go to the starting city of Gridania to unlock the Gunbreaker job. You'll also need to have at least one Disciple of War or Magic job at level 60.


If Gunbreaker is similar to previous jobs in other expansions, an NPC – currently unknown – will offer you a quest to start your journey into the role. This first quest will introduce you to the basic functions of the job starting at level 60 while also providing a weapon and a suitable set of armour so you can get to shooting and slashing right away. You'll then unlock a series of job quests as you level to 70, with a final job quest waiting at the new level cap of 80.


Skills and Abilities


Gunbreaker Skill


As you might infer from the weapon choice, Gunbreaker uses a combination of melee-range sword slashes and close-range gunfire. Many of these are straightforward weapon combos that will be used to build aggro on enemies so you can tank in a similar fashion to the Warrior, Paladin, and Dark Knight classes.


The main mechanic of the job is to load cartridges into your gunblade so you can unleash your more powerful attacks. We know that completing the basic single target or area of effect weapon skill combo will reload one cartridge. You can then spend this on a explosive single target or area of effect attack which can be weaved in between your other attacks for extra burst damage.


The other use of your cartridges is in the ‘Continuation' combo. This rapid and lengthy single target chain of attacks begins with the firing of your cartridge and then each subsequent blow enables another attack in the chain. By weaving these all together you can complete a six-attack combo in a matter of seconds, which not only amounts to considerable damage, but it's also an excellent aggro generator at the start of a fight. You don't even have to complete a combo to get to this stage as another FF 14 Gunbreaker job ability allows you to load two cartridges instantly.


Gunbreaker will also have a selection of damage reduction skills available to help weather the beating they receive when tanking mobs. One of these is included in their main weapon combo: the second attack in the chain provides a self-heal and temporary barrier based on the damage the attack has dealt. In a neat twist, this effect can then also be shared with another party member.


Gunbreaker Skill List (Potential Leak)


Gunbreaker also boasts a standard percentage damage reduction for a short period of time, and a buff that briefly improves parry rate. You'll also have access to a big emergency button that reduces enemy health to one but also makes them impervious to most attacks for a small window. Its use is similar to Warrior's Holmgang as a way to avoid death in dire situations.


As a Tank, the Gunbreaker will also have access to the full range of Tank role actions. With the way role actions have been reworked for Shadowbringers, you'll no longer need to pick between a selection but acquire them as you level up. Even though the lack of customisation is a sad loss, there used to be an optimised build to go for which made choice redundant. Instead, now all the useful actions will be yours once you reach the necessary level requirement.




The introduction of Gunbreaker sees one of the game's recurring characters, Thancred, take up the new job. He can be seen sporting the new weapon and a white version of the job's Relic Gear in the Shadowbringers extended teaser trailer, suggesting he makes the choice to switch as part of the Main Scenario prior to the release of the expansion.


It's likely that Thancred learns how to use the weapon through Gaius van Baelsar, aka the Shadowhunter, after his surprise return in Patch 4.3: Under the Moonlight. When Gaius first appears in The Burn he can be seen with a gunblade holstered on his back. Either these two characters play a part in the FFXIV Gunbreaker job quests or an as-yet unknown individual who is prepared to teach players how to use the weapon.