Final Fantasy XIV Crafting Beginner's Guide

Game: Final Fantasy XIV
Time: 2021-10-23 05:36:35
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The crafting system is quite complex, and the classes require a lot of work in Final Fantasy XIV. Within this guide, players will be directed on everything they need to know, including the basics of crafting, how you can best get started with crafting as a beginner, and rapidly level up each job.


Final Fantasy XIV Crafting Beginner

What Is Crafting?

Like it sounds, crafting is the creation of in-game objects. Nearly everything in the game can be crafted from food to furniture, gear, Chocobo barding, orchestrations, and dye.

Why Does Crafting Matter?

Crafting is everything in terms of saving and making FFXIV Gil. It usually costs less Gil to make an item rather than buy it. This is because all the players of Final Fantasy XIV are trying to make a profit. Crafting equals profit.

Taking part in crafting also makes a difference in gear. Those with the best gear in the game are often crafters who made the gear themselves. They can make something high quality, which gives them even more stat boosts than the plain gear.

What Each Crafting Classes Specializes?

There are currently eight crafting classes in the game, each with its unique recipes and tools. You can take a look at what each one specializes in below:

    • Carpenter - Weapons and housing furniture
    • Blacksmith - Weapons and tools
    • Armorer - Armor, and tools
    • Goldsmith - Jewelry for all classes and weapons
    • Leatherworker - Glamour items and armor
    • Weaver - Glamour items and armor
    • Alchemist - Potions, crafting reagents, and weapons
    • Culinarian - Food

Why Level A Crafting Class In Final Fantasy 14?

You can make tons of Gil from crafting, or maybe you're tired of relying on your friends to craft food or armor for you. Crafting classes also grant access to self-repairs, removing the need for repairing at an NPC, which costs Gil. Crafters can meld materia into gear, which will grant a flat stat bonus. Additionally, crafters have access to desynthesis, which will let you break down unwanted items for materials and other valuables.

The Crafter's Stats

Before you start crafting, there are three crafter-specific stats you need to keep in mind.

    • Craftsmanship - increases the amount of progress you gain
    • Control - increases the amount of quality you gain
    • CP - used for most crafting actions

Acquiring Crafting Materials

1). Disciple of the Land

The three classes that fall under this umbrella are Miner, Botanist, and Fisher. These jobs will make it far easier for you to acquire the materials needed for various crafting recipes. These jobs can similarly be obtained from their respective guilds in the three cities.

    • Limsa Lominsa: Fisher
    • Ul'dah: Miner
    • Gridania: Botonist

It should also be noted that these roles grant access to gathering crystals and shards required as fuel for Final Fantasy XIV crafting. These are also very expensive later in the game, so harvesting your own is a must.

2). Shops and the Market Board

Various NPC vendors will provide you with access to materials. The easiest place to find them is with the suppliers in each guild. These particular vendors sell valuable materials that are frequently required in early crafting log entries. However, you will soon find NPC vendors lack more advanced materials. If you check the items in your log, selecting them will reveal a shop price. If there is no price listed, you will have no choice but to acquire them elsewhere.

3). Level Every Disciple of the Hand

Each Final Fantasy XIV crafting class will allow you to create certain materials unavailable anywhere else. As you begin leveling up one of the eight roles, you will start to hit certain roadblocks. The easiest way to avoid these constant frustrations is to dedicate yourself to all of them equally. Keeping each job roughly the same level will prevent this from being a regular issue. Furthermore, fully opening up your gathering and crafting logs will reveal which materials are more elusive. If an item can not be found in your logs, it's advisable to search for the acquisition method online.

How To Level Up Crafting In Final Fantasy 14?

There are a few different ways to level your crafting classes. Let's go over each method for leveling:

1). Levequests

Levequests are repeatable quests that are divided into Battlecraft Leves, Crafting Leves, and Gathering Leves. Some NPCs give out these special quests all across Eorzea that can be used by both Gathering and Crafting classes to gain a lot of experience.

The best way to utilize LeveQuests is to do them once you have reached level 15 in a crafting class. It is around that level where players trying to grind through crafts will notice a low input of experience points. LeveQuests can help with that through the extra experience of quest completion. This is the fastest way to level up crafting early on.

2). Beast Tribe Daily Quests

Another time-gated but extremely effective form of leveling is Beast Tribe Quests. You can accept three quests a day from any given Beast Tribe, but only some of them are crafting-based. Beast Tribes that have crafting-based quests are as follows:

    • Ixali - levels 1-50
    • Moogle - levels 50-60
    • Namazu - levels 60-70
    • Dwarf - levels 70-80

While Beast Tribe Quests are good overall, the Ixali take too much investment for too little payoff. Stick with other leveling methods until you get to level 50 and unlock the Moogles, where Beast Tribe Quests take off.

3). Grand Company Turn-ins

Grand Company supply missions is a great way to gain company seals and experience points all at once. With the company seals, you can get gear, housing items, experience boosts, and more. Turn-ins are daily requisitions that your Grand Company will ask you to deliver. Turning in High-Quality items will reward you with double the experience. This is a fast and easy way to gain tons of experience, so be sure to deliver these items as often as possible.

4). Collectibles

Collectible crafting is unlocked at level 50. Collectibles are a different form of crafting that will produce a Collectible item at the end of a successful craft. The higher its collectibility, the higher the rewards you will receive upon turning it in. Depending on the level of the craft and your crafter's current level, you will get experience points and Crafters' Scrips, which will be used at higher levels for various things. Making collectibles is a good, non-time-gated method for quickly leveling crafters.

5). Custom Deliveries

Once you reach level 60 in a crafting class and reach Idyllshire in Heavensward, you can do custom delivery quests. This will get you not only experience but also Gil and special scripts to spend. There are currently seven NPCs that have Custom Deliveries, listed below:

    • Zhloe Aliapoh - unlocked in Heavensward
    • M'naago - unlocked in Stormblood
    • Kurenai - unlocked in Stormblood
    • Adkiragh - unlocked in Stormblood
    • Kai-Shirr - unlocked in Shadowbringers
    • Ehll Tou - unlocked in Heavensward
    • Count Charlemend de Durendaire - unlocked in Heavensward

Each custom delivery client has a little story, and it is recommended to do all of them. The quests refresh every week.

6). Ishgardian Restoration

Ishgard Restoration has not always been around, and new crafters should be quite thankful that it exists now. It is available to crafting classes once they hit level 20. The moment a crafter hits level 20, it is recommended to dedicate themselves to Ishgard Restoration. The amount of experience you get for each item turned in is major.

To add even more rewards, you also get scripts to spend on cool mounts, minions, housing items, and gear. As you level up, though, the crafting may get more tedious and/or expensive. Don't worry, though, and there are plenty of other ways to gain experience at those levels.

7). Grinding

When you craft a recipe for the first time, you will gain a one-time bonus of experience. Grinding involves crafting only new recipes to receive a one-time bonus. This method will require tons of different materials of all types and take loads of time to craft each item individually. This method is not recommended for leveling but can provide some supplementary experience when making new items.

If you have read and understood everything I've written, you are ready to craft in FFXIV. Also, if you want to know more about FFXIV guides, tips, and updates, stay tuned to the news page of