How Can You Level Reaper & Sage Fast in Final Fantasy XIV?

Game: Final Fantasy XIV
Time: 2021-12-02 11:01:07
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How Can You Level Reaper & Sage Fast in Final Fantasy XIV?


Final Fantasy XIV's upcoming expansion, Endwalker, will introduce two new jobs for players to take on: Reaper and Sage, but you will not be able to play its main story with Reaper or Sage unless you are at level 80. Here's the fastest way to do it.

Use Various EXP Boosts

An excellent way to massively speed up the leveling process is to use various EXP boosts.

1). It's essential for players to log off in a sanctuary so that they can accrue their 50% Rested EXP bonus.

2). Players can also use equipable items like Menphina's Earring, a pre-order bonus for FFXIV: Endwalker that increases EXP earned through battle by 30% when below level 80.

3). Many Free Companies will provide members with a buff that boosts combat EXP by 5, 10, or 15%.

4). Finally, though often overlooked, the temporary 3% EXP bonus players get from eating food can add up over time.

Head to the Bozjan Southern Front

Once players have had ample time to admire their brand new scythes or nouliths, they'll want to head to the Bozjan Southern Front for the most efficient leveling experience, as Bozja is generally considered to be the fastest way to level a character from 71-80. The instanced battlefield syncs all jobs and gear up to level 80, allowing players as low as level 71 to use their job's level 80 abilities. Since there will be a ridiculous amount of Reapers and Sages leveling in Bozja, fans aren't likely to have any trouble finding other players to complete skirmishes and critical engagements with.

The process of unlocking Bozja is fairly long, though, so players who have not unlocked it should get started immediately if they want to level a new job there as soon as early access begins.

Dungeon Grinding

A more traditional alternative to Bozja leveling in FFXIV is dungeon grinding. Fans who prefer this method should start queuing up for the highest-level dungeon they're eligible for and farming FATEs as they wait. Unfortunately, queue times will likely be abnormally long due to the huge influx of Reapers and Sages in Endwalker and the probable shortage of tanks. If players don't wish to wait, they can seize the opportunity to use the Trust System and level their NPC party members alongside themselves. Though the dungeon grinding method may be slower (and more repetitive) than Bozja, it's still effective.

Wondrous Tails journal

Since Bozja and the Trust System aren't available for use until level 71, players will need to find some other way to gain that first level. A great way to almost instantly get half an EXP bar is to turn in a Wondrous Tails journal. Players can prepare by getting all nine requisite stickers for this week's journal now so that they can immediately turn it in on their new Reaper or Sage.

Other quick ways to earn good EXP are duty roulettes, beast tribe quests (especially Pixie quests), and FATEs. Of course, they also help you get plenty of Final Fantasy 14 Gil. For more on what to expect from the new expansion, head over to our other Final Fantasy 14 guides.