How to Earn MGP Fast in Final Fantasy XIV?

Game: Final Fantasy XIV
Time: 2021-11-30 13:29:17
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There are many ways for players to earn MGP when playing Final Fantasy XIV, but some are quicker than others. Here, we've listed the fastest ways to make MGP in the game, so pick and choose which events best suit your playstyle when wracking up points.


How to Earn MGP Fast in Final Fantasy XIV?

Fastest ways to earn MGP in Final Fantasy XIV

Here are the ways to earn more MGP while avoiding a lengthy grind in the Gold Saucer.

1). Challenge Logs

Challenge logs are recommended for farming anything from Final Fantasy XIV Gil to experience points. This is also true for MGP. The challenge logs offer up to 32,500 MGP for completing everything, and they reset every two weeks. They require the player to play mini-games and win some triple triad matches, among other things.

2). Cacpots

Cacpots are jackpot-like mini-games where the player buys one cheap ticket and has good chances of earning more MGP than spent. There's the mini cacpot in the Entrance Square, which can be played three times per day, and the Jumbo Cacpot in the Event Square, which can be played up to three times per week with the results announced on Saturdays. The first prize is over one million MGP, but there are also numerous smaller payouts.

3). Fashion Report

The fashion report offers 50,000 MGP for participating every week and 10,000 MGP for earning a good amount of points. Thankfully, great community members like KaiyokoStar post the requirements for the current week's Fashion Report on Twitter each week. Just make sure to finish this quest up before Tuesday, as the vendor leaves Monday evening.

The fastest way to earn MGP without waiting for resets

The players who want to earn MGP fast without waiting for the weekly resets can do all of the above and farm more MGP with GATES. They are one of the more fun and unique ways to gain MGP. They are especially fun to do with a group of friends. Every 20 minutes, a GATE is held in the Gold Saucer. They offer from 1,000 to over 4,500 MGP depending on the players' scores.

Another tip is to keep your duplicate triple triad cards. The players who've been doing roulettes and other duties for a long time will often win duplicate cards, but it's not a good idea to throw them away since they can be traded for MGP in the Triple Triad hall.

Finally, it's easy to earn more by playing other games such as Mahjong, Triple Triad, and Verminion. A good option is to watch guides on one of them and focus on it to earn better scores and more MGP.

What are some of your favorite ways of getting MGP? Let me know in the comments below! For insight into more ways to collect MGP, stay tuned to our news page, where we will publish more professional game guides.