I dream of a life without violence in Final Fantasy XIV

Wars are cruel.Once wars are started,many people will be lose their houses even their life.In the same way ,there will be in the game.I have a love of Final Fantasy XIV,so I do not want to see the death in the game.

I don’t want to battle giant dragons or animated skeletons in the upcoming Final Fantasy MMO. I don’t want to slash throats. All I want is to find a quiet corner of the countryside to relax and pass my days in Hydaelyn catching fish.
ffxiv power leveling

I spent countless hours on the dock in Stormwind’s moat watching waves of players blur by on their way to trainers or vendors.Sometimes I will see somebody use ffxiv power leveling.But I am excited about FFXIV’s flexible class design–the design that let me choose “fisherman” as my starting class.

As a fisherman, my cat lady was as adept at fighting as a grade school wimp. Thankfully, I was able to outrun or recruit help from wandering mages and warriors to protect me from most of them.

I just know that I had a really enjoyable, relaxing time just sitting around, watching the world go by as I played a little minigame of lures and jerks. If you happen to stumble across a lone fisherman while you’re out and about questing, do me a favor and kill a few mobs nearby to help keep them safe.