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Final Fantasy XIV: Little Ladies' Day 2019 Now Live

To celebrate Little Ladies Day, Final Fantasy XIV hold it is the annual in-game event. The seneschal of a certain noble family has lost his charge amidst the crowds of Ul'dah. He wishes for nothing more than to bring her home safe, and sound─but the lady herself has greater ambitions this Little Ladies' Day.

FFXIV Tips for Those Who Just Start Playing Free Trial Version

For those who just played for a while in Final Fantasy XIV, they may be surprised to find something that they don't know before, like have to type /p or alt+E to talk to my teammates. So are there other important things you are supposed to know?

FFXIV's 4.55 Patch Content Update Adds New Zone, PVP Mode, and More

The Final Fantasy XIV 4.55 patch went live on late Monday night. This massive update to the "Stormblood" expansion brought with everything new, including new quests, a new zone and new furnishings from the 2017 Design Contest. Here are the new things in FFXIV 4.55 patch.

Smoked Bacon's Location and Recipes (FFXIV Cooking Guide)

Smoked Bacon is an Ingredient used to craft meals by the culinarian. A large side of boar cured and after that smoked. It indeed is extensively accepted across Eorzea that "everything goes better" with this flavourful meat. They are the words with which the smoked bacon is described within the FFXIV database.

Tips on How to Play Final Fantasy XIV for Free

For Final Fantasy XIV fans, they now have so much to do right now, includes checking out all of the patch 4.5 notes and unlocking the new Blue Mage limited job class. Not surprisingly, you will need the game to truly do these issues. That is why some players are questioning about a Final Fantasy XIV no cost to play version. Can you play it free of charge?

Final Fantasy XIV: Where to Start the Blue Mage

Last week, the patch 4.5 content arrived in Final Fantasy XIV, players can check out all of the 4.5 content and getting ready for the Shadowbringers expansion later this year. Final Fantasy XIV added Blue Mages for the game this week; this can be considered news because the Final Fantasy XIV Blue Mage will be the initially new class because of Stormblood in 2017.

FFXIV Adds New Blue Mage Job, Quests and More in 4.5 Patch Notes Update

A massive new Final Fantasy XIV 4.5 update dropped Monday morning. Dubbed “A Requiem For Heroes,” the update brings a ton of new content material, including many different new quests, added housing furnishings and customizations, new games added to the Manderville Golden Saucer and a lot far more.

Final Fantasy XIV's New Year Festivities Are Underway

A few days ago, Final Fantasy XIV had a Christmas-themed Starlight Celebration, and now the game's annual Heavensturn New Year event is back again on PS4 and PC. The festivities are underway from now by way of to January 15, giving players until then to take on seasonal quests and earn some New Year gear.

Square Enix Introduced FF Themed Weddings IRL for FFXIV Fans

Final Fantasy XIV fans haven’t been able to faithfully recreate the experience IRL even though the in-game weddings have been a thing in Final Fantasy XIV for years now. But Final Fantasy XIV Fans Can Now Have FF Themed Weddings IRL.

Final Fantasy XIV Is Getting the Next Seasonal Event - Heavensturn

According to reliable sources, Final Fantasy XIV's next seasonal event will come soon. Just like each New Year, it’s going to be Heavensturn, which has traditionally rewarded players with themed Japanese samurai helmets named “Kabuto” all the way since 1.0.

Final Fantasy XIV: Patch 4.5 Will Arrive Soon Next Month

Square Enix has announced that the Final Fantasy XIV patch 4.5 will release on January 8, 2019. For those who on both PC and PS4 would enjoy some new main story quests, a new dungeon, and an exciting new trial to complete. You can check out the new trailer below.

Final Fantasy XIV Starlight Celebration 2018 Has Begun, How to Win the Rewards

Final Fantasy XIV Starlight Celebration 2018 has begun today, players can jump back into FFXIV at the moment and enjoy all the wintery offerings. The press release announcement notes that players are welcome to provide the globe of Hydaelyn the gift of music once more. The winter limited time occasion starts currently.

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